Badger watching


Took my 4 year old, badger watching tonight. We arrived at 7.15pm and a young sow and this year's cub emerged at 8pm. We were sat about 10ft from them, as they had a good scratch and then started to snuffle for grubs. I didn't want to take pictures, rather show George badgers for the first time. This was the only image I took of the cub. I'm hoping to return next week.

Pearls doing well


My pearl bordered fritillary project has had another successful year. Counts in the hundreds, with the butterflies showing well in different locations.

Mixed Tawny success


Just one of my tawny boxes were used this year. It had three young in it, which all fledged. Whilst I've caught some nice images of the adult flying in, again I've got the same problem with not enough flash to completely freeze the action.

Fox cubs?


Found a fox earth this morning. A dead mallard, pheasant remains, all indicating cubs in the vicinity. Went back at 7pm and waited, nothing for a while, then the dog fox suddenly appeared with a rabbit in his mouth. He was making a gentle wickering noise as he approached the hole. No noises or movement from anything else, so presume that the cubs and vixen are still underground. When he came out he walked towards where I was sitting, he looked at me and growled. Although I was wearing camouflage and a face veil, he knew something wasn't quite right and ran off.
I will leave them alone for a few days now and return with camera later in the week.
Also found a green woodpecker nest, but it's about 20ft up in an ash tree, too high really.

Owl hunt


My mate Dale and I headed off to Rainham marshes in Essex in search of short eared owls. We'd done the research, it was one of the best places to view the owls. I picked Dale up at 6am, we arrived at 7.30. The forcast was for rain clearing. We got out of the car and within 20 minutes had spotted a SEO. But it was distant and the light was poor, so no pictures. We had a wander around the main reserve, but the weather had made a turn for the worse.
We decided to phone home to see whether our local weather was any better. It wasn't. Whilst up this way, why not make the trip over to Elmley, they've always got Short eared's there. So off we drove, without a road map. After what seemed to be Dale's magical mystery tour of Kent's towns, we ended up at Elmley marshes. In the rain. Having come this far, and me not taking a single picture, we felt it necessary to brave the rain and head off towards the nearest hide, which was 1.5 miles away.
Again, adverse weather affecting the birds behaviour, not many pictures were taken.
At 4pm we admitted defeat and began our drive home, when right by the access track was a Hare. It continued to graze about 10ft from the car. We stopped and took some pics.
Driving on a bit further, again a Hare very close to the road, the light was improving making photography better.

After what was an owl foray in terrible weather, it was the encounters with the Hares in the last hour of daylight, that made the trip special.
Maybe a place to go back to for some boxing action?